Insights How Marketing-As-A-Subscription Can Supercharge Your Business

Some of the world’s most esteemed companies connect with their customers through a subscription model, including Apple and Netflix.

Even the design giant, Adobe, switched their offering from a once-off license to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model in 2012, revolutionizing the way they did business while giving consumers a new level of convenience and flexibility.

With so many companies adopting the ground-breaking subscription service model, why shouldn’t your marketing team do the same?

Adobe Monthly SubscriptionNetflix


In the fast-paced world of marketing, advertising, and brand strategy management, it’s no longer possible for one individual – or even a small team – to provide the full suite of marketing solutions. Taking advantage of the latest insights, consumer trends, and digital platforms requires a highly skilled, always-on team working in sync across various marketing disciplines.

We know that today’s marketing managers don’t have the luxury of investing unlimited time and capital into scaling or upskilling their internal team to meet the unique requirements of every new project.

Our Marketing-As-A-Subscription (MaaS) model empowers your business with unprecedented access to sought-after professionals from the spheres of design, consumer research, brand strategy management, and brand identity, who work in close collaboration with your internal team, while giving you a single point of contact for your end-to-end marketing, advertising, and branding needs.

The result is a fully-customizable outsourced marketing model that delivers high-impact work at a lower cost than increasing internal resources or employing the external services of a traditional advertising agency, branding agency, or marketing agency.

Ultimately, this enables your business to scale its marketing efforts, access expert insights, and meet and exceed KPIs without hiring additional resources or getting locked into a long-term contract agreement.



Even small-to-medium sized businesses require robust marketing strategies to remain competitive in a crowded digital landscape.

Internal marketing teams, marketing managers, and project managers often find themselves juggling the services of numerous outsourced marketing professionals, including agencies, independent contractors, and ad-hoc freelancers.

Along with decreasing your internal team’s capacity to focus on their core competencies, this often leads to fractured communication, laborious approvals processes, and teams working in isolated silos. The end result is a fundamentally inefficient workflow process that costs your business valuable time.

Instead of spending weeks scoping, planning, and briefing each new project, we enable you to turn the preparation workload over to us and retain a single point of contact for your full suite of marketing needs.

Our proven methodology and years of insight enable us to take a concise approach that has the power to reduce your overall timelines for scoping, planning, and approvals from months into a single week.

Rather than employing the services of multiple agencies and individuals, our plug-and-play model gives you access to highly-skilled professionals from a diverse range of disciplines, providing agile end-to-end marketing solutions that meet even your most complex business needs

2. Access a Wide Mix of Highly-Skilled Talent


Over the past decade, the worlds of marketing, advertising and brand strategy have undergone a massive transformation. As the speed of technology constantly accelerates, even reliable strategies and platforms can become obsolete overnight.

To meet the needs of an ever-changing digital world, marketing professionals need to remain continuously educated to quickly respond to algorithm updates, new marketing channels, a shifting business landscape, and consumer trends.

In the traditional model, this means upskilling your employees or scaling your team – both of which require upfront investment in the form of time and capital, without any guaranteed outcomes.

Spectra’s MaaS model provides a flexible talent solution that matches the right mix of professionals to your ever-evolving marketing needs.

Whether you need content strategy, design, brand visualization or anything in between, we’re positioned to rapidly assemble a highly-skilled team that seamlessly integrates into your existing team, equipping your business with the specialized skills required to compete in the digital marketing landscape.


3. Maximize Your Return on Investment

Growing your business and connecting with new consumers requires your business to invest in a robust marketing and branding strategy.

For companies that haven’t yet built a complete internal marketing team, this process can take months or years, creating a challenge for businesses who need a diverse set of marketing skills from the moment they open their doors.

It’s a catch-22: effective marketing strategies generate revenue, but upfront capital investment is required to assemble a marketing team.

Our MaaS model empowers your business with the complete suite of expertise, insights, and tools provided by a comprehensive marketing department, while delivering faster, more efficient return on investment (ROI) than slowly scaling your in-house team.

Here’s how you can maximize your return on investment and supercharge your business growth with Spectra:

  • Decrease overheads: Scaling your internal marketing team requires a lengthy interview process, increased labor costs, and additional office space, software, and equipment. With Spectra, you can manage your budget more effectively while gaining access to an always-on marketing team.
  • Industry expertise: We work with industry-leading professionals who provide a wealth of insight, knowledge, and experience in various business and consumer segments – giving you immediate insight without scaling your marketing operations.
  • Free up your team’s capacity: Your business’s internal marketing and executive teams are able to concentrate on strategies and processes that further increase ROI, while our team seamlessly plugs into your marketing activities.



4. Flexibility That Meets Your Business Needs

Outsourcing marketing activities to a traditional marketing agency or branding agency usually comes with pages of terms & conditions.

From rigid scoping requirements to long-term contracts that lock you into a relationship, entering into an agreement with a traditional marketing agency leaves your business vulnerable to surprise fees, unmet expectations, and a one-sided partnership that you’re unable to terminate without paying hefty cancellation costs.

Our goal is to enter into a mutually-prosperous partnership with you, proving our value as a trusted marketing provider instead of locking you into a contract. Our flexible approach and flat, monthly fee gives you access to top talent from our extensive portfolio that includes integrated advertising campaigns, video content, brand strategy, visual identity development, and website creation.

This flexible approach avoids the extensive internal approval processes that delay launch of marketing projects, and gives you the opportunity to change the scope of the project as additional considerations arise.

Because you’re not locked into pages of T&Cs, our on-demand team can remain as agile as your business requires, while remaining on deadline and within budget.


Book a Free Strategy Call with Spectra

Our team of always-on professionals are ready to supercharge your business and prepare it for the next phase of growth. If you’re ready to take the next step, click here to book a free strategy call with one of our Spectra Success Partners.

Thereafter, we have a clearly defined engagement process that ensures we’re always aligned, meeting objectives, and propelling your business forward:

  • Spectra JumpStart Session: We’ll work with your team to create a marketing vision, define your KPIs, and give you insight into your top marketing bottlenecks.
  • Marketing Playbook Development: After this, we’ll develop your comprehensive Marketing Playbook.
  • 3-Month Roadmap: We’ll define your market & customer insights, catalog your marketing assets, and deliver a month-by-month marketing plan.
  • Consistent Updates: Your Spectra Success Partner will provide you with weekly updates, regular strategy meetings, and optional on-site consultations.

    We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our outsourced marketing services, giving you the flexibility and peace of mind to try out our revolutionary MaaS approach to marketing before subscribing to one of our bespoke monthly packages.