News The Chelsea showroom launch

Bringing new life to a property is always an exciting transformation process. We have greatly enjoyed working alongside the management team at Arch Capital on The Chelsea, for a complete refresh of the Sheung Wan property from strategy through to the on-property experience. 

Using our Dash™ methodology, we helped to define a positioning and strategy that knitted together the best of the property’s location with the vision that Arch Capital had for really elevating the experience – anchored by the C-suite, an exclusive lounge for tenants.

In gathering insights and studies as preparation for our Strategy Dash™ with Arch Capital, we counted 16 coffee shops along the crescent arc of Jervois Street. 

Nicknamed the “Coffee Kilometer” by the project team, The Chelsea sits at the heart of this vibrant, yet cozy part of Sheung Wan. The perfect place to be “In the know, in the now”.

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